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Why SoHoLita Isn't, Will Not, And Can Never Be A Thing

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Real estate brokerage Level Group is opening up an office at 6 Spring Street, between Bowery and Elizabeth. It then blasted out a photo of the window signage via e-mail, with the audacity to explain why it had blatantly made up a neighborhood name that doesn't exist: SoHoLita. "We wanted a message that was engaging and didn't take ourselves too seriously ... Real estate brokers have a long history of renaming neighborhoods for their own benefit, so we thought would help people remember the location if they got a chuckle from it. So far, it's been working well." As for the real estate industry renaming neighborhoods bit... at least they're self-aware, and it's all too true.

Just for the sake of formally deunking, Nolita's Google-approved (which is not to say set-in-stone, but still) boundaries are Kenmare to the south, East Houston to the north, Bowery to the east, and Lafayette to the west. Soho doesn't even begin until, roughly, west of Lafayette, and the Level office is on the far eastern side of Nolita. It's not even a blurred line. You're setting up shop in Nolita, Level Group. Stop trying to fight it—or make a publicity stunt out of it.
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