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Become Frightened by This Video from the Top of 432 Park

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We'd be lying if we claimed not to be disappointed that this new promotional video, shot for RTL Nieuws, or the Dutch Evening News, of 432 Park isn't the one that features an animated Harry Macklowe in a King Kong suit. But it's still pretty cool in that it reminds us that a) these new buildings don't just spring up out of ground — there are actually people up there working on them, and b) being one of those people looks absolutely terrifying. Upon completion, 432 Park will be 1,397 feet, making it the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, but, honestly, however tall it is in this video looks plenty tall. Skyscraper no longer even seems like an appropriate word in the case of this building and its West 57th Street brethren. They're more sky inhabiters.
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432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY Visit Website

432 Park

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY