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Horrible Williamsburg Rental Thinks People Love Neon Lights

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Williamsburg has a lot of unfortunate buildings, but this piece of work at the corner of Montrose Avenue and Lorimer Street may be the neighborhood's ugliest—inside and out. Brownstoner spotted the listings for the 20 rental apartments, and oh dear god, are they ugly. Evidently the people who made this building are completely unfamiliar with the norms of modern decorating—or they just really love bad dance clubs—and lined the kitchen cabinets and showers with color-changing neon lights. Because who doesn't want to bathe while basking in a lime green glow? The kitchens also, inexplicably, have blood-red countertops. On the outside, the building has a split personality, with one side clad in brown bricks while the other half is dark grey with cage-like wraparound metal balconies. The units are mostly two-bedrooms, and rents range from $2,750 to $3,295. Now excuse us while we go wash our eyes and try to un-burn these images from our retinas.

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