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Bushwick's 'Grittier' Chelsea Market May Happen, Get Addition

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The industrial-chic mall proposed two years ago to overtake a single-story factory building bounded by Morgan Avenue and Bogart, Harrison, and Ingraham streets is still trying to become a reality. As it's known on architect Syndicate's website, Morgantown Center—a name more appropriate for a suburban shopping plaza than Bushwick's take at a "grittier" Chelsea Market-style building—may still get the vertical enlargement that's been casually proposed for the site at 82 Bogart Street. Renderings by Syndicate that were spotted by Wyckhoff Heights show two schemes for the building, one with a two-story addition set on piers atop the existing warehouse, above, and another with a seven story tower.

The specific plans behind the two schemes are unclear, although Wyckhoff Heights points out that apartments at the site would require rezoning whereas a hotel would be as-of-right, perhaps an appealing option considering the five alteration applications that have been filed by North Development Corp. to allow subdividing the existing structure have all been shot-down by the DOB.
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