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Do These Rentals Mean East New York Gentrification Is Real?

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Six years ago, Curbed asked, "Is East New York the next Harlem?" Last week came a variation on the theme: "Is it the next Bushwick?" A neighborhood that still sees its fair share of crime, the area has also been targeted as a prime spot to execute some of Mayor de Blasio's ambitious affordable housing plan. Despite all the rumors, concrete evidence of gentrification was still few and far between, but there are new rentals in a renovated building that just hit the market that just might serve as Exhibit A. Enter 577 New Lots Avenue, an eight-unit building located between the Van Siclen and New Lots Avenue 3 train stops, which has been gussied up (including some totally gritty colorful graffiti on the entrance wall) and marketed cheap rentals. One-bedrooms start at $900/month, and two-bedrooms are $1,500/month. There are two active listings on StreetEasy. The question remains, though: will renters from other areas actually make the move for those coveted prices?

· Listings: 577 New Lots Avenue [StreetEasy]