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Make NYC Streets Safer; One 'Townhouse of Cobble Hill' Left

ALL OVER—Today's the last day to suggest fixes on the city's official Vision Zero map. The map will be used by different agencies across the city to make safety improvements for walkers, bikers, and drivers. Fixes to problem categories like "double parking," "red light running," and "failure to yield" can be suggested, and elaborated on in a comment box. The city is using the map as well as the information gathered at nine Vision Zero workshops that were held throughout the city to develop an individual safety plan for each borough that will be released in the fall. [StreetsBlog; official]

COBBLE HILL—Just one of the nine townhouses that make up the Townhouses of Cobble Hill development at 110-126 Congress Street is yet unsold. The lone remaining townhouse at 110 Congress Street between Hicks and Henry streets is asking $3.9 million for its four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 642-square-feet of outdoor space. The townhouses were developed by JMH Development and Madison Estates and Properties, and designed by Adjmi & Andreoli. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]