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Chelsea Market May (Still) Expand, And It May Look Like This

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Detractors of the Chelsea Market expansion plan will not be pleased to learn that unseen renderings have surfaced for the site that hopes to see a 330,000-square-foot addition. YIMBY found the renderings (PDF!) through developer Jamestown. It's been two years since the vertical expansion that plans to bring 300,000-square-feet of office space along Ninth and Tenth avenues was (begrudgingly) approved·although the original proposition for an adjoining hotel got the axe following neighborhood opposition. Perhaps these renderings resurfacing is more a reminder that the plan is out there than a signal to action; the last word of the expansion (in 2012) brought news that interior work began with the new tower additions expected in 2015, although without the lucrative hotel, the plan may be less feasible. Have any intel about what's going on at the site? Do tell.

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