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Opening Ceremony, Chop't Founders Buy Brooklyn Townhouses

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With Brooklyn townhouses prices as high as they are, one might reasonably start to wonder: what do you have to do to afford one these things? If two sales that just hit public records are any indication, founding a trendy company is a good start. In Prospect Heights, Opening Ceremony cofounder Carol Lim just dropped $3.43 million ($230K more than the asking price) on a renovated four-story brownstone (pictured above) with scattered original details and a beautiful backyard. And, down in Red Hook, Chop't cofounder Tony Shure spent $1.85 million on a rather odd (it is Red Hook, after all) three-story brick house with a ground-floor commercial unit. (That one could actually be a different Tony Shure, but considering that his former address is in Union Square, Chop't's ground zero, and he just spent almost $2 million on a townhouse... it's probably him.)

The Red Hook house, located at 386 Van Brunt Street, was originally listed for $2.15 million more than a year ago. Had it sold for that much at the time, it would have set a Red Hook townhouse record. Now, though, it comes in second to its down-the-street neighbor, 398 Van Brunt Street, which went for $2.495 million in January.

Anyway, if anyone was thinking about buying a Brooklyn townhouse in the future, they'd better get to work on those business models.
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