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Meet the Rental Towers Putting the Nails in 5Pointz's Coffin

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Demolition of iconic graffiti mecca 5Pointz is slated to begin any day now—though let's face it, everyone's been in mourning since the Great and Sudden Whitewash of 2013. Vilified developers Jerry and David Wolkoff are putting up two rental towers in its place; and construction on those will start in three to five months. Based on their first reveal last year, the blocky modern buildings will leave no trace of the once-colorful warehouse across the street from MoMA PS1 on Long Island City's Jackson Avenue. New York YIMBY unearthed some new renderings, above and below, that show the design hasn't gotten any more innovative, though they do include the 7 train curving around the complex. That used to be one of the best ways to do a drive-by sighting of 5Pointz. RIP.

HTO Architect told YIMBY that the towers, which the Wolkoffs want to house 1,000 units combined, will have a beige-stone facade with glassy corners and glass crowns housing the penthouse apartments. The south tower will have smaller windows than the north tower's tall, loft-style ones. The north tower will have a glassy base with retail shops inside, while the south tower will have both buildings' amenity spaces. Affordable housing will be sprinkled throughout, and there will be parking.

Below, the master plan for the site, via YIMBY, which includes a pool, courtyard, and those artists' studios the Wolkoffs promised.

Permits were filed for the towers last week. They included the breakdown of the two towers' 1.2 million square feet: in addition to more than 1,000 rentals (20 percent affordable), there's 40,000 square feet of commercial space (including the retail podium and 20 artists' studios).

If anyone spots 5Pointz falling down, snap a few photos and let us know.
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