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De Blasios Swap 300-Year-Old Antiques For West Elm at Gracie

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Listen up: the de Blasio's have redecorated historic Gracie Mansion with $65,000-worth of furniture and tchotchkes from Dumbo-based purveyor West Elm. That's right, New York's first family has opted to live amongst the same squat sofas and side tables that grace (get it?) the apartments of just about everyone who's graduated from Ikea. West Elm has donated the sum of interior goods to the Gracie Mansion Conservancy and not the de Blasios per se, so sorry all, there will be no sidewalk give-aways of stained, worn goods when the family departs.

Not everyone is on-board with the de Blasios' choice to decorate the stately manse with rather lowbrow furnishings—the Times made a note that the redecoration saw the removal of a 1690 Dutch-inspired cupboard—especially after Bloomberg's $7 million Baroque-style renovation in 2002. Interior designers weighed in on West Elm, "They have some nice products, but I wouldn't recommend using it for a landmark," Erika Flugger of NYC Interior Design told NYDN, "I would definitely look for classic pieces, something ... handmade." But would that not violate the cost-efficient everyman vibe the de Blasio's are going for? Let's take a vote: would you decorate Gracie Mansion with West Elm, or keep the old stuff?

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