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Insane Beresford Two-Bedroom is a Hunter's Wonderland

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Not since the infamous Torah Animal World have we seen a crazier listing than this two-bedroom apartment in The Beresford on the Upper West Side. Pretty much every square inch of wall/floor space is covered with taxidermy, turning the entire apartment into a lovely room of death.

The animals—ranging from a massive bison to little snowshoe hares—number around 200 and were curated over the years by owner Gregory Speck, a socialite, journalist, and author, who collected the specimens from "museum liquidations, taxidermist castoffs and hunters whose wives wouldn't allow them to hang their trophies in the house." Anticipating the difficulties in selling an apartment packed to the brim with dead animals, Halstead hilariously offers photos of the listing with the specimens digitally removed.

But in the end, that shouldn't be a problem, as the apartment itself is pretty special. It features a semi-private elevator landing, herringbone wood flooring throughout, a 28' gallery with 10' ceilings, a 23' formal dining room, and a wood-burning fireplace. It also has two bedroom suites with walk-in closets, plus a staff room and bath.

It's asking $3.395 million.

· Listing: 211 Central Park West #3J [Halstead]
· "It's a Jungle in Here" [NYT]

The Beresford

211 central park west, New York, NY