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Plan to Redevelop Admiral's Row into Shopping Center Lives

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For the third time in as many years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is calling for developers to remake Admiral's Row, the row of dilapidated townhouses formerly used by naval officers, into a big supermarket and a shopping center. (Or, as one of the developers who is no longer involved with the project once ill-advisedly called it, a "suburban shopping center.") The Navy Yard's CEO called the area a "food desert" (otherwise known as a desert).

The two developers that had previously been chosen to redevelop the site, PA Associates and, later, Blumenfeld Development Group, both didn't work out, so the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. is looking for someone new to take over the project, which they estimate will cost $100 million and create 500 jobs. The group released a request for proposals today.
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Photo by Barry Yanowitz