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Addition Starts to Rise On Harlem's Historic Corn Exchange

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The rebuilding of Harlem's historic Corn Exchange building on East 125th Street at Park Avenue has been in the works for several years, and Harlem Bespoke reports that real live, actual construction is now taking place at the site. The Queen Anne-style building had its higher floors lopped off in 2009 because of safety concerns, and two years later, the city issued a request for proposals to give new life to what remained of the 1889 building. Danois Architects and Artimus Construction won the bid, presenting plans to restore the building to its 7-story height with a new addition that was reminiscent of the original. The Landmarks Preservation Commission first vetted the plans in 2012, and construction slowly started last year.

The new building will hold retail space on the first two floor and commercial offices on the remaining five stories. The development's website says that it should be ready for occupancy by the first quarter of 2015.
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Corn Exchange

81-85 East 125th Street, New York, NY 10035