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A Bunch of Crappy Mets Have Lived in One UES Apartment

The New York Mets, to use a little sports terminology, suck. So it comes as little surprise that their players — unlike the very classy New York Yankees' players — basically live like recent college graduates, sharing rental apartments, subletting from their friends, and taking the train to work. A Wall Street Journal article details how one Upper East Side apartment has been home to five mediocre MetsIke Davis and Josh Satin started off renting it before the former was shipped off to Pittsburgh and the latter demoted to the minor leagues, then Kirk Nieuwenhuis also lived there briefly, before he too was demoted, and the apartment is currently occupied by two rookies, Jacob deGrom and Eric Campbell, who are subletting it from Satin. We'd be tempted to speculate that the place is cursed, but none of this is really out of the ordinary for the Mets (or, it should be said, for replacement-level baseball players in general, who are more than used to bouncing around between different temporary housing situations).

The Yankees, meanwhile, are all playing croquet on their private lawns as their butlers deliver them mint juleps filled with steroids.
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Photo by Scoboco