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Airbnb Perseveres To Woo NYC's Love Via Marathon, Big Ads

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Embattled accommodation-booking site and hotel-industry disrupter Airbnb continues its fight to live another day, and win the hearts of New Yorkers in the face of opposition from the Attorney General on down to, well, regular hotels. Here's the latest. Step 1: Launch a massive ad campaign that takes over city streets, the subway, and, sometimes, even this very website—that the Times then writes about—so that everyone knows that being a landlord host is really awesome and also helps everyday folks in neighborhoods like Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and Astoria get by with some extra income. Step 2: Become a sponsor of the New York City Marathon. Not like a big sponsor, but one nonetheless, which doesn't make run-of-the-mill hotels too thrilled, since they'd like runners to stay in their tax-paying, fire code-compliant beds.

The Times' Ginia Bellafante appears to have been wooed by the ads, noting that despite its downsides and potential egregious uses, Airbnb helps by "democratizing the tourist class. One kind of tourist will ensure the survival of a bookstore like Rizzoli, and another will ensure that it is replaced with someplace to buy $15,000 watches." Uh-oh. In a deathmatch between Airbnb defenders and ubiquitous foreign buyers, who will emerge victorious?
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