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'Second-Oldest House in Lower Manhattan' Seeks Landmarking

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Neighborhood organization Tribeca Trust is trying to landmark 84 Walker Street, which, according to research they've compiled, dates back to before the 1830s and is the second-oldest house in all of lower Manhattan. According to The Broadsheet Daily, 84 Walker is a four-story, loft-style building that currently houses the New York Chinese Baptist Church. Tribeca as an area has seen constantly shifting borders, and its historic district is no exception. 85 Walker is not included in the district by "just a few steps," and so the Tribeca Trust seeks to earn landmark status for it by re-drawing the historic district boundaries.

The Trust's research has shown that "the lot on which it sits was once part of a vast farm owned by Jacobus Van Cortland, who served as mayor of New York a generation before the American Revolution" and that it is "the last surviving masonry Federal Period home in this part of Tribeca." Later, artist Frank Stella lived and worked there.

Does all that history merit landmark status?
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