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Interiors of Crown Heights' Starbucks-Touting Rental, Revealed

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Crown Heights' newest rental building at the neighborhood's crossroads of gentrification, Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway, isn't officially on the market until July 10, but new interior looks dish out pretty much all that was left to know or see of the eight-story, 63-apartment building. Previous pricing information for 341 Eastern Parkway revealed the new building would ask, on the low range, $2,200 for a studio, $2,700 for a 1BR, and $3,400 for a 2BR, and if that doesn't seem kind of absurd, there's this, too: the building will be home to Crown Heights' first Starbucks. There's no argument to be made here about exploring an "up-and-coming" neighborhood, especially if you're moving to this building.

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341 Eastern Parkway

341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225