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1,000 Apartments Could Rise Atop East 116th Street Mall

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Harlem's East River Plaza mall, which houses big box stores like Costco, Target, and the Burlington Coat Factory, could see a 1,000-unit apartment tower sprout from its roof. Mall owner Blumenfeld Development Group, who owns the site with Forest City Ratner, told DNAinfo that "residential has always been contemplated" for the FDR Drive-adjacent site, and as such, the infrastructure to build apartments is already in place. Blumenfeld will present their ideas to the community at a meeting tomorrow evening, and they actually seem interested in hearing what the community has to say.

The five-story complex measures 500,000-square-feet, and aside from the possible number of units, it's unclear how large the residential portion could be. David Blumenfeld, principal of the development group, said that a final height or size for the building has not been decided. The underlying zoning of the site is residential, so only a modification to the special permit that was used to build the mall would be needed. The biggest concern for the community will most likely be affordable housing, and Blumenfeld already told DNAinfo that they want to make more than 20 percent of the possible units affordable.
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