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Margaret Chin Stirs Up Trouble with Garage Conversion Idea

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A municipal parking garage that was taken off the table when the city finally got around to passing the SPURA redevelopment plan is now back on, thanks to Councilwoman Margaret Chin. The garage, located on Essex Street between Delancey and Rivington, was originally part of the proposal but was removed from consideration to appease members of the community who were worried about losing parking, according to the Wall Street Journal. Chin wants it to be developed into 90 units of "affordable housing for seniors, for working families."

Others are skeptical, however. The chairwoman of the local community board's land-use committee called the garage "probably not the best site since you'd have to develop the perfectly good parking garage," and a teacher from Staten Island (who apparently spends a lot of time on the Lower East Side, or just really love parking garages) told the Journal, "I will chain myself to this garage." Let's hope that happens, whether or not the garage ends up being developed. SPURA (now known as Essex Crossing) will bring 500 affordable units and 500 market-rate units to the area.
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