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Tribeca's Sky Lofts Penthouse Returns, Bumps Ask to $48M

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When the two-story glass box atop Tribeca's Sky Lofts conversion—with four beds and 4.5 baths over 7,500 square feet, plus a 4,500-square-foot wraparound terrace—first hit the market in 2011, asking $45 million, its asking price made it downtown's most expensive apartment. With exterior design credentials from James Carpenter Design Associates, a firm that also worked on 7 World Trade Center, the penthouse returned one year later with $3M tacked onto the ask.

Three years later, that looks like chump change—considering the current downtown record-holder is Walker Tower's penthouse, which sold for $50.9M, and that the city's priciest property, listed in June, wants a whopping $118.5 million. Maybe its relative "cheapness" (ha) is why, after disappearing from the market for a year, the Sky Lofts PH is back, baby. The Daily News reports that Elliman broker-brother team Tal and Oren Alexander are listing the apartment for a third time, upping the ask back to the full $48 million after it was PriceChopped down to $44M last summer. There are scores of new photos, too.

The seller is William Duker, a lawyer and private investor who spent some time in prison in the late 90s for "defrauding" one of this clients: the federal government. As per the NYDN:

Duker bought the apartment for $30.55 million in 2009 after the former commercial building was converted to condos. He has never lived in the space, designed by PH Design Studio, or used its floor-to-ceiling cherry wood hearth with a wood-burning fireplace, steel and glass elliptical staircase, polished concrete and teak flooring, oversized sliding glass doors, and a four-car garage, though he has likely enjoyed the panoramic views of Manhattan and the Hudson River. Duker, an art collector, also installed museum quality glass that allows for artworks to be hung on the walls without the threat of damage from sunlight. Maybe the third time will be the charm? And someone will actually live in it?
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