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Level Hotel Architects; Bushwick Cage Artist on AirBnB

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WILLIAMSBURG—The planned Level Hotel has been something of a crazy-looking mystery so far, but it turns out that the futuristic design comes from the minds of architects Yohay Albo and Nick Liberis of Albo Liberis LLC, according to a press release. The theory behind the design is incorporating "a rich outdoor space with multiple walkways opening from the street onto an urban plaza, and wide staircases leading up to a public green roof that offers 360-degree views of Manhattan and Brooklyn." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

BUSHWICK—Miao Jiaxin, the performance artist who is renting out a literal cage in his Bushwick apartment for $1/night has some thoughts about AirBnB (which banned his listing), from an interview with ANIMAL NY:

Airbnb is a piece of social art that changed the way people live and travel. People can manage their own economy by staying away from hotels and corporations. The only thing I don't like to see is how this former commercialism keep affecting people's lives, how hosts make their photos like a dream houses and how travelers seek to live in such dream houses. I want to disillusion this urban dream and introduce some psychological reality. [ANIMAL NY; previously]