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Kushner Sues To Push Tenants Out of EVill Buildings

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Real estate mogul Jared Kushner is allegedly being a bully; the wunderkind has reportedly resorted to using "lawsuits, disruptive construction and neglect to force rent-stabilized tenants out of" two buildings at 170-174 East Second Street, where he hopes to enact a high-end conversion, says DNAinfo. After coming into ownership of the building's in late 2013, Kushner allegedly immediately served eviction notices and buyout offers to the buildings' tenants, some of whom are rent-stabilized and unable to be evicted.

Let the legal shenanigans begin. Here's the long and short of it: word is that Kushner has since taken stubborn tenants to housing court, had his management company, Westminster Management, halt fixes to remaining tenants apartments including roach infestations and cracked floors, and proceeded with renovating vacated apartments in a highly disruptive manner. Meanwhile, renovated apartments in the building that are coming to market are fetching more than three times what rent-stabilized tenants were paying. StreetEasy shows a one-bedroom apartment, the least expensive in the building, renting for $2,750. A three-bedroom apartment is renting for $4,995. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg formerly took up residence in one of the buildings.

UPDATE: A representative for Kushner Companies reached out to clarify that only market rate tenants were not offered options to renew their leases, and rent-stabilized tenants can remain in their apartments, as per the regulations of their leases. In addition, Kushner Companies has made several upgrades to the buildings, which were in poor shape when purchased, including structural improvements and adding new hot water and heating systems. Westminster Management has agreed with the buildings' tenants association to provide 48-hour advance notice of construction that will affect their utilities, barring emergency incidences that require immediate utility shutdown. Curbed regrets the error.
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