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Extell's Nordstrom Tower To (Almost) Match One World Trade

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Bigger is apparently always better—at least for New York City developers these days. In the wake of news about Silverstein Properties's tower o' 1,400 apartments near the Lincoln Tunnel entrance and Grand Central-adjacent office building One Vanderbilt's planned 1,350-foot height comes even more skyline-altering tallness. This time, the supertall tower in question is the cantilevered 225 West 57th Street, also known as the Nordstrom Tower. Extell's follow-up project on that thoroughfare, it will rise 1,479 feet and 10 inches above street level, with a spire that extends up to 1,775 feet, according to a tipster who leaked information and new diagrams to New York YIMBY. What does that all mean, though, in the land of epically tall buildings? Let's add some context and see which skyscraper emerges victorious.

The Nordstrom Tower's spire-inclusive height, 1,775 feet, puts it just one foot shy of One World Trade Center. Despite losing its "Freedom Tower" moniker, it still stands at a symbolic 1,776 feet tall, including its spire.

But what about comparing Extell's latest giant to other residential towers in New York City? Well, 432 Park will be 1,379 feet tall. 57th Street neighbor No. 111, developed by JDS with Property Markets Group and designed by SHoP, will be 1,350 feet. Meanwhile, Jean Nouvel's Tower Verre, a.k.a. the MoMA tower, is slated to be 1,250 feet tall after a redesign last year that shortened it a tad. And Silverstein's West Side tower, while large in terms of its number of units, will be a "mere" 1,100 feet. The Nordstrom Tower emerges the clear winner here, even without the spire, apparently angling to claim the coveted superlative of "tallest residential building in the world." (Mumbai's World One tower will be 1,450, 29 feet shorter.)

It should be noted that Manhattan is really the land of the supertalls, since Brooklyn's recently announced tallest tower will rise "just" 775 feet, while Queens's, a glassy thing underway in Long Island City, will be 646.

When will all this tallness take shape? The most recent permits were partially approved, according to YIMBY, and construction is slated to finish in 2018.

YIMBY has more conceptual renderings based off of the 3D diagrams above, as well as an analysis of how the building's shape—the work of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm responsible for Dubai's massive Burj Khalifa ("the tallest building in the world")—has morphed since the initial plans.
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