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1976 Stuy Town Brochure Touts Big Rooms, Nice People

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Apartment listings were just a tad different 40 years ago. A 1976 brochure for Stuy Town apartments touts electric refrigerators, "pick-resistant cylinder locks," and an "apartment-to-lobby communication system." Available on eBay with a starting bid of just $19.99, the brochure comes with a few floorplans of Stuy Town apartments, a note from the manager, and helpful list of "Things to Know" that details the wonders of the refuse chute, pre-drilled window casements for curtain rods, and two electric fuses. Sadly, the brochure doesn't say how much it cost to rent in Stuy Town, but it was certainly a lot less than $3,500 for a one-bedroom.

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