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Albino 'Solar Tower' Planned for Corner of Chrystie and Broome

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The Bowery will continue its transition to Little Miami with this very white new building coming to 125 Chrystie Street. The nine-story tower is designed by husband-and-wife architecture team Leven Betts, who released a bunch of renderings on their website, reports NY YIMBY. It will be named the Broome Solar Tower due it being "conceived around the mediation between the city grid of the Lower East Side and the solar grid from which the island of Manhattan shifts by 21 degrees." The architects explain further:

This shift sets up a series of balcony spaces that are angled and varying in depth from the south and east facades of the building. In these spaces that are also shaded by vertically oriented mesh enclosures, the interior spaces and glass are shaded from the sun during the cooling seasons. So, it's possible that the whiteness is part of the solar thing, but it also kind of just looks like they forgot to color it in. Leven Betts and developer Trevor Stahelski are aiming or a LEED Silver designation.

The lower part of the building will contain a theater, rehearsal space, and offices for a dance company, while the upper part will consist of 16 condominium units. Permits have yet to be filed, but the architects' website says that it is "expected to go into construction in 2015."
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