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Wythe Lane Will Bring Six New Townhouses to Williamsburg

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Brand new townhouses are a popular thing in Brooklyn, and the Times is (finally) ON it, bringing details of yet another new townhouse development. Quaintly called Wythe Lane, the six four-story homes are being developed by KUB Capital. They will be located on Wythe Avenue near South Fourth Street, not far from the Domino development, and they'll share a private, secret-garden-looking walkway, or lane, if you will. The homes will measure about 17-feet wide, 3,800 square feet large, and have four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two powder rooms, a finished basement, a roof deck, garage parking, and a yard, which will open onto the private lane. The renderings show grey brick buildings wrapped with a plant-covered trellis that connects the lane to the roof with a stretch of greenery.

Roger Bittenbender, a principal at KUB, told the Times that the first townhouse will be offered at just under $4 million. The home were partly inspired by the Dumbo Townhouses, which sold one at a time, with each being slightly more expensive than the last. It would be unsurprising to see KUB do the same, as there is obviously a big demand for single-family homes in Brooklyn.

The houses of Wythe Lane are being marketed specifically to growing Brooklyn families (or, as the Times says, the hipsters who "mingled, married, and multiplied). "They have nowhere to go," said Bittenbender. "They don't want to go to another part of Brooklyn. They're definitely not going back to Manhattan."

Sales on the six homes could begin this fall. Currently, the site is occupied by an old scrap yard that will be demolished in a few weeks.
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