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Rosen Gets Permits Amidst Landmarking Scuffle at 67 Vestry

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In what's possibly the fatal blow to tenants' attempts to landmark 67 Vestry Street, the Department of Building's has approved developer Aby Rosen's permits for a new 11-story building with 42 apartments. Rosen aspires to bring a 50,162-square-foot building designed by SLCE to the site at the corner of West Street. BuzzBuzz notes that plans for the building include six apartments per floor on floors two through five, and three apartments per floor on floors six through eleven.

Rosen snagged the building that was constructed in 1897 as an A&P warehouse for $16.5 million in 2005. 67 Vestry's tenants have been lobbying against Rosen's plan since March with an online petition to landmark the building—after all, moving really is a pain. The petition, which argues that landmarking the building "would anchor the besieged Tribeca North Historic District nearby and provide visual evidence of a great period in our country's commercial history," has gained some 1,600 signatures. Permits for an interior demolition have been filed for the site; maybe Rosen plans on salvaging and adding to the iconic exterior while carrying ahead with a total interior overhaul.

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