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Sky Garage PH Returns With New Photos for 'Discounted' $20M

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The yet-to-be-occupied PH1 at Annabelle Selldorf's Sky Garage development has reappeared on the market, following a three-week hiatus (and a $3 million price-chop), bringing the newly renovated space down to the slightly more reasonable ask of $20 million. And while we're sorry to see it flounder, the new listing does bring the most comprehensive look inside the highly impressive apartment to date. The 3,598-square-foot duplex underwent a massive overhaul throughout 2013 lead by Dutch firm MVRDV. The overhaul saw the swapping of the apartment's common space and kitchen with its master suite, and the introduction of the Sky Vault, a prominent sunken staircase at the center of the living area that's covered by retractable glass.

Of course, the "paparazzi-proof" apartment features access to the building's signature sky-high parking system, which comes with a private spot (that also has a view). The apartment's traded hands a few times amongst the building's sponsors, developers, and anonymous LLC's with the same address, but wouldn't it be nice if the space attracted the high-profile buyer it's looking for?
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200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York