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Behold, the Luxe Private Pools of the Soori High Line Condos

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Private swimming pools are a rarity in New York condo buildings, but the Soori High Line, currently rising alongside the elevated park at 522 West 29th Street, will have 16 of them. The 27-unit building is designed by SCDA Architects principal Soo Chan, an architect who is known for his swimming pool-equipped luxury buildings in Asia. The Observer recently chatted with Chan, who said he "tried to create an apartment building from the inside out and then outside in" at the Soori High Line. "The areas with the pools are transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors." New renderings show the heated pools, which measure 23 to 26 feet long, 7 to 9 feet wide and 4 feet deep, will be pretty much just right there in the living areas, separated by a glass wall.

New York-based Siras and Chan's Singapore-based firm Oriel are developing the Soori High Line together, and prices for the homes, expected to hit the market soon, will range from $3.6 to $22 million. In addition to the building, Chan is designing the interiors, landscaping, and furniture for the building, as well. "Creating a concept and a vision that is pure is very important to me," he told the Observer.

[Renderings of Soori High Line, by SCDA Architects]

Since announcing the Soori High Line, Chan's first project in New York City, he's taken on three others. Directly across the street, he's building the recently-revealed 515 West 29th Street; the building will have 12 units priced from $2 to $25 million. Chan also told the Observer that he's been commissioned by Euro Properties (confusingly, not based in Europe, but rather Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo) to design a mixed-use building on a 5,025-square-foot lot at 118 East 59th Street. He also recently took on a project on Vandam Street in Tribeca, but he would not provide any additional details.
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118 East 59th Street

118 East 59th Street, New York, NY

Soori High Line

522 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001