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Would You Pay $1 Million For a Jackson Heights Co-Op?

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Everyone, brace: a four-bedroom Jackson Heights duplex on 78th Street between 35th and 37th avenues has come onto the market with the highly ambitious ask of $949,000. That's just $51,000 from one million dollars. The listing through MPC Properties, LLC claims that the home is totally renovated, but pictures of the kitchen and two bathrooms suggest otherwise. The home has a separate room for laundry, and monthly maintenance costs $1,600. Brownstoner noticed that a commenter to the blog Jackson Heights Life speculated that the apartment's about 1,600 square feet, meaning the listing price translates to $600 per square foot. StreetEasy statistics say the average price per square-foot in the neighborhood that's tapped to become only hotter is currently around $357. Even if the apartment were renovated to the nines, would it be worthy of fetching seven digits?
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