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Tribeca Townhouse Sells for 100 Times What Owners Paid

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[The house in the mid-70s, and today. Photos via 6sqft]

Although the West Village's 121 Charles Street is getting most of the attention right now, it's not the only house in Lower Manhattan that was moved to its current location via truck. 37 Harrison Street in Tribeca, most recently notable because actor Jake Gyllenhaal went to its open house, was built in 1828, landmarked in 1969, and moved, along with two others, from its 327 Washington Street location before it could be demolished to make way for the Washington Market Urban Renewal area. The city had the three houses restored in 1975 and put them on the market the following year, at which point 37 Harrison was purchased by a couple for $55,000.

Almost four decades later (i.e., this May) that couple's son put the house on the market for $3.75 million. The amount of interest surprised even the brokers, and generated a bidding war that ended with the house selling for $5.5 million, or, as the listing agent boasted, "100 times the price paid by the original owners."

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