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Four New Buildings Rising On One Prospect Heights Block

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The block of Prospect Place stretching between Washington and Underhill Avenues is awash in new construction. The are four new developments in the works on the north side of the blocks, and the neighbors are likely glad that work is moving along. For years, three of the four sites sat stalled, and two of them were scars from notorious architect Robert Scarano. But things are, quite literally, looking up, for the block. Here's a look at the latest details and renderings for the projects, which will bring 68 new apartments to the street.

353 Prospect Place. This project started pre-crash as a Robert Scarano development. Plans were first filed all the way back in 2005, and it was hit with a Stop Work Order in 2008. It sat stalled for several years, and in 2010, all original documents filed with the Department of Buildings were withdrawn. Last year, it sold to Roy Raineri (who owns a jewelry shop at 82 Bowery in Manhattan) for $2.1, and he hired NSC Architecture to take over the project. However, new permits filed in December indicate that Scarano's plans are still in use. It will be a ten-unit, four-story building with a cellar, mezzanine, and attic. There will also be a rooftop deck and terraces for the units on the lower level.

357 Prospect Place: The development is also a Scarano scar. The once-banned architect filed plans for a five-story structure in 2007, and it went down a similar path to no. 353. Over the last seven years, the site has fielded quite a few violations, and just last month, it was hit with a partial Stop Work Order for scaffolding work without a permit. That said, Scarano is no longer involved. He was replaced by JM Zoning in November 2013. The site has traded hands a few times over the last decade, and the current owner is the prolific Boaz Gilad. New permits call for a five-story, seven-unit building. The on-site rendering shows the fifth floor to be set back, and DOB permits show that this is to create a private terrace for the top apartment. The most recent permit, for scaffolding, was filed just last week, so despite the SWO snafu, things seem to be moving along.

363 Prospect Place: The largest of the four projects, 363-371 Prospect Place is a conversion of a former billiards factory. Renderings for the project were first revealed in 2012, and the visuals on the construction site match what we've previously seen. S3 Architecture designed the four-story project, which consists of a two story addition atop the original building, and permits list the owner as Eli Hamway of Industrie Capital. There will be 44 units that were previously described as "lofty" with high-ceilings. The site stretches through to St. Marks Avenue, creating space for a courtyard alongside the interior of the building.

375 Prospect Place: Located closest to Washington Avenue, the building rising at no. 375 will be a six-story, seven-unit building. Plans were first filed for a four-story structure with a cellar and penthouse in February 2008, but things stalled with the downtown, and the site sold to Tin Pan Partners, LLC in 2012 for $1.2 million.
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