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One of New York's Last Remaining Skybridges Is Falling Down

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The rumors were true: the skybridge connecting the two parts of the Madison Square Park-facing Toy Building is almost surely set for demolition. Scouting NY has photos of the traverse, which spans 24th Street just west of Fifth Avenue, showing that it is now shrouded in telltale scaffolding. The Witkoff Group is turning the Toy Building's southern half into luxury condos, and that pretty much means there's no need to go back and forth between the two buildings aboveground. Scout, a.k.a. film-location guru Nick Carr, uses the premature eulogy as a chance to dive into a photo tour of the city's few extant skybridges, which include the one at the old Metropolitan Life insurance building across Madison Square Park, the one at the old Gimbel's location near Herald Square, and the picturesque one that crosses Staple Street in Tribeca. Most are unused today.

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1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010