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224 Mulberry Street Climbs Higher Than Nolita Neighbors

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224 Mulberry, the condo project with "unapologetically high" prices from architecture and development firm Flank, has reached its full height of eight stories and 110 feet. As Bowery Boogie points out, that's a good deal higher than the 85 feet that Nolita's zoning restrictions allow. Flank managing partner Jon Kully explained to the Times last October that "we've had an active permit for over five years, and a down-zoning took place after the permit was issued," apparently referring to a 2011 update to the Special Little Italy District [pdf]. Since the new height restrictions have now gone into effect, 224 Mulberry not only gets to boast that it has the best views in the neighborhood, but also that no other new construction will be allowed to impede them, which helps justify the $6.25 million to $30 million price tags that the seven units will carry. The building is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2015, with sales beginning in "late summer," according to on-site signage.
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