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$10.9M Townhouse a Case Study in Unfortunate Brokerbabble

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The photos of this 9,000-square-foot Murray Hill townhouse, just listed for $10.9 million, are not great, and the brokerbabble is ... well, overzealous might be an understatement. However, they come together to form something that is more than the sum of its parts — something beautiful. It's not just that the listing contains a thesaurus's worth of synonyms for "very, very nice" (unrivaled, exquisite, dazzling, unique, etc. etc.) or that every word over four letters is capitalized like some kind of run-on newspaper headline. It's all those things, and more.

· Listing: 121 East 38th Street [The Relocation Group LLC]
· Tuesday Townhouses [Curbed]