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250N10 Gets More Artwork; LIVWRK's Gowanus Site Changes

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WILLIAMSBURG—250N10 finally got the interior street art that building marketers are counting on to set it apart from the slew of other high-end Williamsburg real estate. The building's architect and interior designer tapped Chilean artist Sebastian Vargas to design individual canvases for its elevator landings. There are 12 in all that feature images of things that every proper new Brooklynite loves, like coffee, bikes, and McCarren Park. [previously]

GOWANUS—Developer LIVWRK, who is bringing their vision for a retail complex with small-scale shops and office space to two former industrial buildings at 68 and 80 Third Street between Bond and Hoyt streets (across from the Whole Foods), has premiered a new look for the building on the construction-fencing of the site (h/t tipster). It appears the building's internals (elevators, piping) have shifted a little bit, causing the facade to change ever so slightly. Expect a few less windows and a moved entrance. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

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