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Historic Harlem Brownstone Gets a 'Luminous' Makeover

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When the brownstone at 105 West 122nd Street in Harlem sold in 2011—for a notably high $2.85 million—it had recently been gut-renovated, but the new owners decided to revamp it some more, and the newly redesigned home recently got the Elle Decor treatment. The couple, "a high-powered Manhattan attorney" and his partner, hired Sheila Bridges, a decorator who also happens to be a 20-year Harlem resident. Bridges brought her knowledge of the neighborhood to the project and set out to "create the illusion of light where it doesn't exist." She told Elle Decor, "Most of these buildings are sandwiched between other brownstones, so the sunlight is generally coming from only the front and back of the house." She chose a "luminous palette" and "graceful pieces" (including "exuberant sconces") to "make the spaces flow together without seeming tunnellike."

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