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See How the Skyline Has Changed Since One57 Went Up

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[Photo on right by Richard Blakeley]

Tipster Richard took a photo today facing south from the middle of the Great Lawn in Central Park, then matched it with another photo from almost the exact same spot taken at some point before One57 existed (so, pre-2010). It's a great visual explanation of how the Midtown skyline has changed over the past four years — where you could once draw a more or less straight line along the tops of all the tallest buildings, that line now has two big spikes that go by the names of One57 (1,005 feet tall) and 432 Park (just passed 1,000 feet, will eventually rise to 1,397). And those two will soon be a bunch of other megatowers that will climb to previously unimaginable heights. Love it or hate it, this is your skyline now, and it's only getting bigger.
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