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Contested Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Tower Is Now Rising

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Residents of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens failed to stop developer Hudson Companies from building a 23-story residential tower at 626 Flatbush Avenue, and since a judge lifted a restraining order in June, construction has been full speed ahead. A tipster sent this photo of the site, which shows that work has already reached the fourth floor. The tower sits about 100 feet back from the street and is rising on what used to be a parking lot. There will be a shorter retail building on Flatbush, and a "mews-like" alley will lead to the residential tower, which abuts the below-grade subway tracks that run between Ocean and Flatbush Avenues. Plans were first revealed last October, and the community swiftly fought the development for being too tall and out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood. The site is located one block from Prospect Park, and neighbors were/are concerned about it casting shadows. The building will have 254 units, 20 percent of which will be affordable.
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626 Flatbush Avenue

626 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225