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Glittering Map Depicts 38,163 Rat Complaints Across the City

MIT Media Lab's You Are Here project is at it again with an interactive map depicting 311 complaints about rat activity throughout the city, and believe it or not, they make the cringeworthy topic look beautiful. According to CityLab, those glittering white lights represent rat sightings, evidence of their existence, or gross conditions suitable to sustaining rat populations (ew). The map depicts—hold your breath—38,163 rodent complaints from 2010 to the fall of 2013, and those are only the complaints that were location-tagged. It may come as somewhat of a surprise, or maybe not, but Brooklyn is the biggest offender when it comes to rodents, taking 31-percent of the volume of complaints, with Manhattan and Queens following at 22-percent. Of course, those complaints reflect the population of each borough. According to the MIT team, "Queens has significantly less rodent complaints when compared to the population, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island have more."
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