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Spanx Inventor Sells 15 Central Park West Pad for Huge Profit

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Spanx founder Sarah Blakely and her husband, frat rapper-turned-entrepreneur Jesse Itzler just got another $30 million to add to their bottomless money pit, having parted ways with their 3,093-square-foot, 37th-floor apartment in 15 Central Park West, the Daily News reports. Blakely and Itzler spent $12.1 million, very slightly above the $11.89 million asking price, on the apartment in 2008, getting in on the first round of sales. That worked out pretty well for them, netting a 148 percent return on investment. This time around, the apartment was never publicly listed, but that didn't stop it from selling for an exorbitant amount, as all apartments in the Limestone Jesus do.

According to Michael Gross's 15 CPW book House of Outrageous Fortune, Blakely, after moving in, hired a Navy SEAL to lay out escape routes from the three-bedroom apartment in the event of an emergency. Being a billionaire seems fun. We hope those escape routes were included in the sale. The buyer is listed on public records as one Robert J. Weir.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023