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Chrystie St. Development Site May Grow Tall, Go Residential

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The flailing warehouse-turned-nightlife venue at 141 Chrystie Street is giving up the ghost. That is, the 23-foot by 105-foot lot between Delancey and Broome streets is being marketed as a development site by Ariel Property Advisors. Buzz Buzz Home first spotted the listing. The 4,130-square-foot former warehouse was converted to a nightlife destination, to little avail, in 2011. Since, it's traded hands several times with recent listings on Craigslist asking $1.2 million for key money and $14,518 for monthly rent. There is no readily available asking price for the lot this go-around. If the site is re-developed, it can accommodate a 16,380-square-foot structure at 125 feet tall, which would tower over neighboring buildings. With an inclusionary housing bonus, the square-footage would increase to 21,420.