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West Village Apartment Made of Old Ship Parts Wants $3.8M

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We're not sure why anyone who put this much effort into personally customizing such a great apartment would ever want to leave, but for whatever reason, this 3,000-square-foot one-bedroom co-op in a converted book depository on Greenwich Street between Charles and Perry has been listed for $3.8 million. Not only is it one of the largest one-bedrooms currently on the market, but its "whimsical features" include a "fire pole, swimming pool lights, carousel horse, French weather-vane, beams salvaged from old sailing ships, and a collection of doors gathered from around the world (including beveled glass hotel doors from Fleury, France)." There's a dining room, living room, den/office, guest room that's not technically a legal bedroom, two full baths, and a "jewel of a lofted room for adventurous souls ages 6-92." Oddly specific, but we trust that they know what they're talking about with this one.

· Listing: 719 Greenwich Street #1S [Corcoran]