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Williamsburg Preschool Inches Closer To Replacing Vacant Lot

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Williamsburg is one step closer to getting a new preschool in the neighborhood's only historic district. Yesterday the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved revised plans for what is tentatively being called The School at Fillmore Place. The three-story building will be located at 2 Fillmore Place, which is currently a vacant lot at the corner of Driggs Avenue.

Martin Finio of Christoff : Finio Architecture first presented the school proposal on July 8. At that time, LPC commissioners were concerned about the height of the base, the color of the brick on the Driggs Avenue side, and the longevity of the wood color.

Yesterday, Finio was confident he and his team had addressed those concerns. The revised proposal featured a bluestone base, red brick (and a metal cornice between the first and second floors) on the Driggs Avenue side, red brick on the opposite face (viewable from Fillmore Place), and protective coating for the wood that he said would protect it from over 99 percent of ultraviolet rays.

LPC chairperson Meenakshi Srinivasan called the changes a "nice response" and said the new base was a "significant improvement." The proposal was approved unanimously.

Of course, there are other hurdles to be jumped before this project can become a reality. In order to get enough space for 77 students, they still need a variance from the Bureau of Standards and Appeals (BSA) to increase the building's area by 1,421 square feet. In order to get a roof capable of housing the proposed play area, they will also need a height variance to add 25 inches. Those variance requests were discussed at a public meeting of Brooklyn Community Board 1 last night.
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