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Avenue A Demolition Reveals Building's Movie Theater Past

Ben "The Sledgehammer" Shaoul is living up to his nickname by having a former movie theater-turned-grocery store at 98-100 Avenue A demolished to make way for another bland apartment box. In the process, he has — completely unintentionally, of course, — done something kind of cool by uncovering the theater's ruins for all to see and making the site look like some kind of East Village archeological dig, reminding us that buried underneath all the two-year-old condos and rentals are the fossilized remains of buildings that were used for purposes other than condos and rentals. (Another photographer got inside the building pre-demolition in 2012 and got some great shots.) Take a good look now, because it'll be gone soon.
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100 Avenue A

100 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009