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Schermerhorn Street Braces For 61 Irrefutably Hip Apartments

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New renderings have been revealed for the 18-story residential building in the works at 319 Schermerhorn Street on the corner of Nevins Street. The building will have 65 apartments (DOB records say 61) and is being developed by the mysterious Sc Nevins LLC. Less mysteriously, the building is designed by Incorporated, who seems to be a bit despondent about the financial limitations of the project hampering grand artistic vision.

"The team's desire to connect the building to Brooklyn (BK) and its craft movement has them pursuing handmade brick as construction material. Budget constraints make using handmade bricks impossible, but the designers are set on creating something other than the brick box, common throughout BK. Machine-made brick is eventually used but with a creative approach ... Keeping with the BK craft movement, reclaimed timber, evocative of the loft beam structures, is used to create privacy screening at the balconies ... " Ah, artisanal goods. That hallmark of Brooklyn (BK). The property was bought as a pre-package zoning envelope by the developer in January 2013 for $10,765,364.

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