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120 Hart Street Brings Four New Condos to Bed-Stuy

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Address: 120 Hart Street
Architect: Caliendo Architects
Size: five stories, four units
Prices: $749,000 to $939,000
Sales and Marketing: Ideal Properties Group

The ever-gentrifying, thus ever-getting-more-expensive Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy got four new condos today with the launch of a boutique building at 120 Hart Street near Tompkins Avenue. The units feature two or three bedrooms, and all have private balconies, while two also have private backyards. They have hardwood floors, granite counters, and stainless steel GE appliances, including dishwashers. They have washer/dryer hookups, but unfortunately, they do not come with the appliances. All four units are members of the Six Digit Club, with the cheapest being a 1,049-square-foot two-bedroom with an office asking $749,000. The most expensive is the building's largest unit, a 2,082-square-foot two-bedroom duplex that's listed for $939,000.

· 120 Hart [official]