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Chelsea Tenants Fight for Rights During Oppressive Conversion

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Longtime rental tenants at 222-224 West 21st Street are experiencing all the classic signs of a forced, horribly unpleasant ouster. Earlier this year Slate Property Group picked up the adjacent buildings, which house 23 apartments, for $17 million, and it's clear the landlord wants to get no grass grow under its feet before turning a profit on these babies. Chelsea Now has a deeply reported piece on the travails of the seven tenants that remain. Trouble stirred up almost as soon as the properties, stabilized in 2004, changed hands; multiple eviction notices were served. Then came the veritable harassment that's all too-familiar in New York City: cut utilities; loud construction work early in the morning and late at night; disconnected buzzers; changed locks; torn-up stairs and hallways and holes in the floor and ... need we go on? The tenants are currently in touch with housing advocates and local elected officials, who are trying to aid the tenants' efforts to stay in their homes. It might be too little, too late, but check out the whole story. Maybe just be thankful if you live in peace.

UPDATE 8/24/15: The developer sent along the following statement, "Fortunately, any misunderstandings that may have existed between residents and the building owners have been resolved and all residents are extremely pleased with the upgrades and renovations that were completed throughout the building."
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