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Take a Helicopter Ride Over NYC in this Vertigo-Inducing Video

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NYC Behind Scenes from christian kozowyk on Vimeo.

Leaning out the window of a helicopter over New York City, strapped in with just a seat belt, sounds like a pretty terrifying activity, but it makes for some awesome views. Photographer/director Christian Kozowyk and his crew recently took such a daredevil ride and captured the whole thing on video. "Convinced client to rent us a helicopter for a few hours at dusk," writes Kozowyk on Vimeo. " So cool seeing the city like that, so sketchy hanging out a window with a seat belt over the spear of the Chrysler building." Because they wanted to make the flight seem "creepy," the video is set to some weird horror movie music, so hit the mute button if you'd rather just enjoy the views of 432 Park, One World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more.
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