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Addition Approved, 498 West End Avenue Set to Launch Sales

498 West End Avenue has a new teaser website, modestly titled "A Story of Exceptionalism: 3-5 Bedroom Pre-War Condominiums," and is set to launch sales next month, BuzzBuzz Home reports. Prices for the condo conversion's 45 apartments will start around $3 million and climb above $10 million for the especially exceptional ones.

Developer Samson Management bought 498 West End Avenue, then a rental building, in 2012, paying $52.5 million, and surprised everyone by getting a 4,000-square-foot rooftop addition approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission with almost no hassle, which is quite a feat. (The nearby Apthorp recently had a significant amount of trouble getting a similar proposal through.) In addition to the addition, 498 West End Avenue is getting a redesigned, ADA-compliant front entrance. The CEO of Samson Management said in a statement that the newly constructed units "will be true to the character of this extraordinary early 1900s building," which is apparently what they meant by "Pre-War." CetraRuddy is the architect behind the conversion. The building is expected to be completed by spring of 2015.
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